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Welcome to the Badlands webpage, this is just one of the many ways we stay in touch with our evergrowing family of "Quiet Professionals"  Please look around a bit and contact us with any questions or even suggestions. Most of all, please let us know if we can help you with whatever your goals are; be they self-defense, protecting your family, protecting your community, or serving your country.  We want to help!!! Come Shoot!
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Click here for the 2017 Schedule. Please remember that if we aren't offering what you want, when you want it; contact us because we may be able to put the class on for you or schedule some private training!


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About the Badlands Family

Click here to see information about who and what we are; our vision and mission statements. Please take a minute to read these because they are very important to us!

The Village

Click here to see information about "The Village" The Village is our new 13,000 sq ft student facility and includes lodging, classrooms, armory, full kitchen, wi-fi, fitness area, and hand-to-hand mat room!


Mission and Vision Statement

BadLands Vision Statement: To provide the highest quality, most realistic firearm, tactics and doctrine training available, and to do so in a safe but challenging environment. To be the forefront of economical , quality training ...

A diet? Or a lifestyle? What is your training to you?

I got to thinking about this during a recent carbine class, how many people treat their firearms, defense, and tactics training as simply a diet? You know what I'm talking about, in fact most of us-myself ...


Course Description TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE Another new class for the 2014-1015 Schedule! Schedule This course is designed for anybody who is around firearms and may be involved in a situation where they may be called to render aid as a ...

The Disease
What our students are saying about us!

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If I typed everything I wanted to say about this course, no one would read it, but truly there are not enough words to describe how important this course is to anyone who carries a handgun every day. I’m not exaggerating when I say this course changed my entire paradigm and what goes through my mind every time I put on my holster. The didactic portion is excellent and the simulations are mind-blowing. It took days for the impact this course had on me to assimilate and resonate with what I already thought I knew about what I would do in various “common” threatening situations. I left with at least 3 or 4 new mantras I reiterate to myself all the time including, “How to think, not what to think,” and the “The handgun facilitates your movement.” This course has cascaded over into my martial arts like a waterfall as well and should be required for an SDA card. I can’t wait for the “Advanced” class should there ever be one and am looking forward to coming back at the next offering and volunteering as a role-player myself. GET TO THIS COURSE. Whatever it takes, just get there.

Jeremy Boucher, M.D.

What we offer

Reasons to Choose Us!

  • Instructor Access 24/7
  • 1000 Yard Known Distance Range
  • 13,000 sq ft student facility
  • Multiple Pistol and Carbine Bays
  • Dedicated UTM Force-on-Force facility
  • Unknown Distance Ranges to 1250 meters
  • Law Enforcement Accredited Classes