Sorry guys, the real world got in the way for a bit and we got busy busy.  But that just reinforces the point of this blog, no matter how busy we get we should still be doing something to maintain our skills.  Lucky for me I get to train a lot and when I’m not training at my skills I get to teach them.  Nothing reinforces that you know how to perform a skill better than teaching it to someone else.  Remember, not every one learns the same way we teach so we as the teacher must learn to teach to the student.  Trust me, if you aren’t capable of performing a skill correctly teaching it to a student will identify every little piece you miss.

What are some other options you have to help keep your skills up-to-date?  Teach them as we discussed, how about dry practice?  How many draws have you performed with your handgun this week?  How about reloads on your carbine?  Trigger control with your precision rifle?  Or have you, like me just accepted that life is in the way and let your skills deteriorate?

Take a minute, think about how important these skills are to you.  If the answer is what I think it is then find a minute and do something, anything to stay sharp.

Come shoot–Rich