This course is designed to enhance the shooting skills of the basic shooter. During this 5-day course of instruction, students will study the topics of Camouflage and Concealment, Land Navigation, Moving Target engagement, Angle Firing Techniques, Ghillie Suit Construction and Engagement of targets through glass barriers. Students will also learn about target identification, and KIMS Games to enhance the student’s memory. Students will be introduced to shooting from various positions, IE Standing, Kneeling, and Sitting, and how to properly use a sling to enhance their ability from these positions. Students will engage moving targets from various ranges, and will shoot through glass barriers. A mil-dot scope is highly recommended for this course, but is not a mandatory requirement.

The cost of this course is $750.00.

Minimum Equipment requirements are:

  • Scoped Rifle with bipod and sling
  • 300 rounds of Match grade ammunition
  • Shooting mat
  • Data Book
  • Spotting scope/binoculars