Students attending this 2 day course will receive instruction in the proper maintenance, fundamentals of marksmanship, carry positions, tactical and speed reloading, and employment situations/techniques for the carbine.  Additionally the class will focus on the tactical employment of the carbine including shooting on the move, moving to shoot, alternate shooting positions,  team tactics and room distance fighting with the carbine.



Tactical Carbine with Sling- NO caliber larger than .308 will be allowed.
At LEAST 3 magazines for the rifle.
Magazine carriers or tactical vests capable of holding spare magazines.
Cleaning equipment.


Electronic hearing protection, 5 magazines, magazine loader/unloader (LULA), 750 rounds

MINIMUM of 500 rounds of ammunition
Canteens/Camel Back Hydration System
Personal Comfort Items (IE Wet/Cold Weather Gear)

TUITION: Tuition for this 2 day course is $300.00.