Our Basic Precision Rifle course is formatted for the beginning shooter, from both the civilian and law enforcement fields. Our course begins with two (2) days of classroom study where students will learn about their equipment, care of the equipment, range estimation techniques, ballistics, fundamentals of marksmanship, wind reading and wind formulas. Along with those topics, students are taught about how to manage the data book, range cards, and target sketches. In addition to the classroom instruction, students are also given practical field exercises to conduct prior to going to the firing range. Day 3 begins with a 50 question test over material covered in the classroom, then it is off to the range where students are broken down into teams so that shooter/spotter dialog can be practiced. Students then obtain a good zero and begin to work up the “dope” for their rifle out to 600 yards under the watchful eye of the instructors. Students are then required to qualify out to 600 yards. Day four begins with the cold bore shot for record, and then students are allowed to conduct field firing techniques on targets out to 1000 yards. A mil-dot scope is highly recommended for this course, but is not a mandatory requirement.


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The cost of this course is $600.00 for 4 days of instruction, and students are provided with a sniper data book for their rifle.


The following is a MINIMUM equipment list for students desiring to attend this course:

  • Scoped Rifle with bipod
  • 300 rounds of Match grade ammunition
  • spotting scope or Binoculars
  • Shooting Mat
  • Ear protection
  • Wet/Cold weather gear (Depending on the season)