This 2 day course is designed to enhance the shooter’s capabilities with the shotgun. Students will learn how to employ the shotgun to it’s maximum capabilities through a variety of techniques. Students will be taught the proper nomenclature of the shotgun, how to properly carry the shotgun for speed employment, how to employ the shotgun in outdoor and indoor shooting situations, shooting on the move, how to properly select the right ammunition for the shotgun and much more. Course tuition is $300.00.

Equipment Required:

Shotgun, preferably 12 guage, with sling (20 inch barrel is recommended)
150 rounds of birdshot
Eye & Ear Protection
100 rounds of 00 Buck
Cleaning Kit
80 rounds of slugs
Pistol with Holster & 50 rounds ammo
Wet/Cold weather gear
Comfortable clothing
Ammunition Container to carry spare ammo