This class has become so popular as a private class we are going to offer is on the schedule this year!!!

This class is designed for the woman who wants to take some control over her own personal defense.  Over the course of two days the student  will learn proper safety with a handgun, fundamentals of  handgun marksmanship, defensive shooting, concealed carry options and defensive tactics designed to allow a woman to disengage from an adversary.  The class is a mixture of classroom lecture and discussion, range time and practical exercises on the defensive tactics floor!  The class is designed around common sense and offers a pragmatic approach to self defense.

Required equipment:

Quality handgun and at least three magazines, 350 rounds,  eye and ear protection, range clothing, clothing appropriate to defensive tactics training (older, may get or stretched)

Recommended equipment:

Electronic hearing protection, magazine loader/unloader (LULA), 500 rounds

Note: you don’t have to be in great physical shape to participate in this class, but you do have to be willing to participate and discuss with an open mind.  There is a hands-on component but it is designed for success and  is not physically strenuous.

Cost: $300