Andy Waymire is an avid Hunter and reloader for both Rifle and Pistol since age 14.  Andy worked at his Family Ranch, Farm, and in an L.P. Gas Dealership until 1973 when he Joined the Oklahoma National Guard.  Andy went on Active duty with the Guard in February 1987 and retired in May 2005.  Total of 32 years service.

Andy started in  Competitive Marksmanship in March 1973 with Battalion Rifle Team (M14, .45, .22 Rifle and Pistol  Precision Matches).  He then transitioned over to the Combat Matches  with the M16 and  M9 Pistol.  Awarded the Governor’s 20 Tab for the Oklahoma National Guard in Rifle (M14 and M16), Pistol (M9 Beretta), and Sniper (M24 System) numerous times over the 32 years spent in the Oklahoma Guard.

As a Shooting member of the Oklahoma National Guard Rifle Team –Andy participated in several NRA Regional,  5th Army Regional and National Guard Championship Matches and was  a Member of the 5th Army Rifle Team (M14) from 1984–1986.  Andy was selected to try out and made the National All Guard Rifle Team (M14) in 1986.  He shot at the Interservice Rifle matches in Quantico, VA as a National Match and Infantry Trophy Team Member.

Captain, Coach, and shooting member of the Battalion Combat Rifle Team (M16).  Andy’s team won the State Rifle Match and went to the National Guard Championships and 5th Army Championships at Little Rock, AR. His Combat Team placed in the top three and went to the  All Army Matches at Fort Benning, GA.

As a Member of the Oklahoma Guard Sniper team, Andy competed at the State and National level  in 1994 and 1996 and he won the National Guard National Champion Sniper in 1996.

Andy was awarded the National Guard Chief’s 50 in Rifle twice – M16 (1986) and M24 System (1996)

Andy was awarded the Excellence in Competition (EIC) Bronze Badge for Pistol – 1986

Andy was awarded the United States Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge – 1986

Andy has been CLEET Certified with Oklahoma since 1981.  He served with the Marshall County Sheriff Department as a Reserve Deputy.  He held positions of Field Deputy and Training Officer for a 25 man Reserve Department.

Andy is currently affiliated with the Carter County Sheriff Department as a Reserve Deputy and member of their Dive Team and was previously a member of the Carter County Tactical Team as their Sniper.

Andy graduated from The Chapman Academy, Police Survival School, Columbia, MO.  Taught by Ray Chapman.