Rich has been involved in Law Enforcement since 1988.  Rich brings a wealth of knowledge and actual field experience in Law Enforcement Tactical Operations to the cadre at Badlands.  He has been deployed on over 400 field operations and in excess of 100 High Risk operations.  Rich has served in the SWAT role as Entry, Sniper, Sniper Element Leader, and Team Commander.  Rich left municipal Law Enforcement to continue his career path with the Federal Government.  At that time he held the rank of Lieutenant and had charge over all of the uniform services of a mid-level police department.

Rich is currently a Federal Agent assigned to a full-time tactical unit.

Rich is the staff instructor for the Tactical program at Badlands.  He is the lead instructor for the SWAT, Tactical Carbine, Tactical Shotgun, and Defensive Tactics programs.  Rich also brings his wealth of knowledge to the other programs at Badlands as an adjunct instructor.