Robbie Telles is currently a Sergeant at a mid-sized police department in the midwest.  He is in charge of the professional standards division.  Robbie is currently the team leader for the agencies SWAT sniper element.

Robbie is a state certified instructor in defensive tactics, use of force, breaching mechanical and ballistic and is a certified military and Law Enforcement Krav Maga instructor.

Robbie started in law enforcement in 1991 and has worked at progressive agencies in the mid west and in Vermont.  Robbie has served as a narcotics agent and is certified as a clandestine lab investigator.  Robbie was a criminal investigator for several years and specialized in crimes against children investigations.

Robbie started in SWAT in 1993 and has held assignments as a trailer, entry team member, sniper and sniper team leader.

Robbie is an avid bowhunter and enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Street Glide.