The Disease

Scope Reticle Cant – The Disease Unless you have been shooting more than 600 yards with zero wind – yes, zero wind – you may be infected and not even know it. I sure had the disease for almost four years before discovering that my dope was just not what it used to be. The … Continue reading »

What’s gonna fix it?

I’m going to discuss gun control. Now bear with me through this first statement please.  I am actually a supporter of gun control.  But maybe not in the way one would expect after hearing that statement.  Make no mistake, I fully support the 2nd amendment, I am a law-abiding citizen, and to be honest I … Continue reading »

I just realized…

…that we have over 125 registered followers for this blog and website!!!  That totally blows me away, because honestly….I never really thought anyone paid much attention to any of this.  So I got to poking around some more–over 150 people on the mailing list, getting close to 750 likes on the FB page, and around … Continue reading »

Work Weekend is a GO!!!

Ok, so it looks like the work weekend is a go!!!  Due to weather and some issue acquiring materials we may not be able to meet our goal of finishing the roofing but rest assured there is still plenty to do!!!  If you are hesitant because you are not sure you can help on the … Continue reading »