Welcome to the "Village"!

It is our newly renovated 36,000 sq ft student facility. The Village was an assisted living home for many years and most of the residents of Grandfield have fond memories of it's time in service! So when the property became available to us we thought it was a perfect way to not only give something back to our community, but also to host a new home for our Badlands Family!!

Amenities include:

  • 36,000 sq feet of space
  • Suite type rooming for students
  • Large, finished and private shower area
  • Huge Kitchen with freezer and refrigerator space
  • Wi-Fi throughout
  • Wet bar for after hours entertainment
  • Large classrooms
  • Hand-to-Hand mat room
  • Excercise area
  • and as always, 24/7 access to instructors