Ok, so it looks like the work weekend is a go!!!  Due to weather and some issue acquiring materials we may not be able to meet our goal of finishing the roofing but rest assured there is still plenty to do!!!  If you are hesitant because you are not sure you can help on the roof please know any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated and there is much more than just the roof! We will be finishing acquiring materials on Friday, so we will not need anybody until Saturday. If you want to spend the night Friday night, you are welcome to do so. We will have the dormitory at 124 E. 2nd Street open after 1800.

We are trying to get a solid work plan put together and it would really help if all of you who are planning on attending could send a quick email to bwhittington@badlandstactical.net and just RSVP with when you think you might arrive and how long you plan to stay.  Rest assured the email isn’t binding and we certainly understand that things may arise between now and then which would keep you from coming.  Also, if at the last minute you can attend and hadn’t sent an email it’s not a big deal.   This will just help us to plan out some of our projects.

Everyone is welcome to stay at the old building, nothing has changed there and we will feed you lunch and supper on Saturday!!!

There have been some questions as to what you need to bring with you.  We highly recommend work clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty, gloves and eye protection.  Other than that here is a short list of things which would help;

Measuring tapes



Cleaning buckets and brooms/mops etc

Screw guns or cordless drills for roofing

A good attitude and a butt load of patience!!!

Anything you think we might need for demo work and cleaning.


Please mark anything you bring so we can make sure it gets back to you!


Again, thank you so much for your support and help.  We can’t even start to tell you how awesome all of you have been during this venture!  It’s great to have all of you as our family!